The Workshop

Here are my trusty metal lathe and dust collection system. The lathe is a Taiwan made Jet 12 X 24 from the ’70s (I believe). I shape first and drill second on every pipe I make and make every stem from blank, undrilled rod stock. This lathe definitely pulls its weight and I have to say that I’m very fond of it.

The dust collection system keeps my lungs healthy by gobbling up 80-90% of the dust I make.


Here you can see how frugal I try to be with the space I have. On this half of my work bench are my tool grinder, band saw, dremel tower (for my flex shaft rotary tool and stationary dremel tool), and my shaping/refining area.


I spend the majority of my time sitting in my comfy red chair doing detail work and finishing. In the back is my tower of sand paper. To the left is my sandblasting set up.

The paper on the wall reads:

“‘If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help build theirs.’
-Tony Gaskins Jr.”


Here is my behemoth of a compressor. It’s a beautiful machine and allows me to get those craggy, detailed sandblasts that I love so much.

In the front are my beloved bikes.


Here I’ve grouped the beginning of the process with the end. On the left is the “shipping department.” On the right are my materials. Looks like I need a bigger rack!

You can see some of my ebonite rod inventory on the shelf above the shipping department.





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