The Workshop


Here’s where it all begins.

Every pipe is made from the best briar available, sourced from Mimmo of Romeo Briar in Italy and Makis Minetos in Greece.

Mouthpieces begin most commonly as undrilled ebonite rod stock from Germany and, occasionally, as undrilled antique bakelite rod.


After choosing a block from my briar inventory, I begin the shaping process.

Sometimes, I’ll sketch a shape on the block then cut out that shape on the band saw (center left) before refining the shape on the wheel (bottom right).

When I’m feeling particularly creative, I’ll take the block directly to the shaping wheel, allowing my relationship and understanding of the block to develop organically as the pipe takes shape.

Metal Lathe

My lathe is a Taiwan made Jet 12 X 24 from the ’70s (I believe).

I shape first and drill second on every pipe I make and make every stem from blank, undrilled rod stock, so a lot of dust and ribbons get made with this tool.

Sandblasting and Finishing

After drilling, most of my work will pass through my sandblasting cabinet (top left) to draw out the growth rings in the block. I get a lot of enjoyment from the process of sanblasting and I love the results.

Only the most flawless blocks will become smooth pipes and those blocks are fairly rare. When I am lucky enough to find one, I spend a lot of extra time sitting in my comfy red chair pursuing the best finish I can create.

No matter what the texture of a piece will be, I spend a lot of time at my bench doing detail work and stem work.




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Our Guarantee

If your DSH Pipe isn’t everything you hoped, return the pipe, unsmoked, within 14 days to receive a full refund.

Every DSH Pipe comes with a 1 year warranty against defects in workmanship.